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Services Provided (By Service, By Product, By Industry)

System Integrator

Helping organization establish an enterprise application solution, based on business pain and requirements. Approach can be a complete cycle implementation by phase of one's business entity or process cycle.
Such approach of implementation flexibility could be achieved due to the nature of our tier-1 application technology platform characteristic; "modular thus integrated", giving our clients an option to tackle the most priority of their business pain with reasonable total costs of ownership and paving the foundation for next phase implementation.
• Industry Practice: Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, Distribution, Pharmacy, Mining, Government Sector.
• Business Scale: Enterprise, SMB's, Startup (see our "QuickStart" Strategy and Methodology with the lowest tco in the market and rapid up-and-running business platform).
• Business Stream:
1) Financial Management (Covering end-to-end from GL to financial sub-ledger and corporate reporting results).
2) Supply Chain (from Procurement, Inventory, Supply Chain Planning).
3) Sales Ordering Process (from sales order creation to sales order delivery, considering integration from surrounding modules).
4) Manufacturing (Covering for process and assembly manufacturing type, considering end-to-end from sales to mfg core process until product delivered to finished good).
5) Logistic (from Warehouse Management process to Transportation of Goods, considering integration from surrounding process; sales, goods return, goods inflow and other inventory transactions).
6) Customer Service and Support (ticketing base system establishment, social engagement interaction and Customer Intelligence for marketing campaign and engagement).
7) HR and Payroll Implementation --> Future Business Roadmap.
8) Reports and Dashboard (Business Intelligence to reporting tools enablement).
• Integration management and enablement (some companies has extensive business process and complex technology deployment, our team will help any requirements of building new integration from core application and 3rd party system.
• Application Upgrade and Optimization (Upgrading is a task which requires approach withouth compromising business runtime and lowest risks. Proper methodology and risk mitigation is one of several elements that are "a must-have" comptency).

Business Service Outsourcing

Focusing on core business and competence has been a best kept secret formula for successful companies from large to various business entity.
Knowing so, we offer business entity and organization a business outsourcing services, so your organization can focus on your core business.
Ranging from IT and business application support service to help corporate support service.
Our domain knowledge is on enterprise resource planning (erp) for various business area.
• Technology Service Outsourcing "suitable for SMB's and Startups" (providing company with a small team and remote offices to be managed by our certified talents and team utilizing cloud erp and crm to support your business needs. (yearly contract base).
• Payroll Management Outsourcing "suitable for SMB's and Startups" (Should a company wishes to outsoure their payroll process beyond their company premise, with the expectation of focusing core business, security and hassle-free complex payroll process. Our team of HR and Payroll certified team are ready to help your business needs in this area).
• Technology Related Tier-1 Corporate Support (monthly contract base).
• Corporate Help Desk Support (monthly contract base).
• Report Enhancement and Refinement Service.

Business Process Analysis and Risk Assessment

Todays competition and threat are not merely coming from the same industry that provides the same services and product.
Competition are also played beyond the domain industry player, emerging new competitor has changed the landscape, though many organizations rely on same formula to handle changes in the business landscape.
Our service help organization to have a thorough understanding of current industry landscape backed up with our SME's (subject matter experts) to provide better understanding of indentifying the underlying challenge.
By then we could develop a relevant strategy and have it deployed; business and technology to execute the strategy.